Mezuzah Story #1

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“From a very young age, our daughter suffered from a breathing problem.

When she was approximately two years old, she was rushed to the hospital due to a choking incident. After two days, the hospital sent us home, although her breathing was still so loud that it sounded like a train was passing by.

The night after we returned from the hospital, as we lay in bed, we couldn’t sleep. The sound of our daughter’s breathing was still so loud and we were still so nervous that we simply couldn’t relax.

For a number of reasons, I was in doubt about whether the little alcove in the hallway where she slept was obligated in the mitzvah of mezuzah. I had therefore affixed an inexpensive $50 mezuzah on that doorpost.

However, that night, at around 2 AM, I decided to go and get an extra-mehudar mezuzah from the office.

Although it may sound fantastical, my wife and I can both testify that from the moment that I affixed the new mezuzah to the alcove where our daughter slept, her breathing became normal and she hasn’t had any breathing issues since. Our daughter is, Baruch Hashem, now 14 years old.”

Reuvain M., Beit Shemesh

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